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Firstly I want to welcome you to my private practice. I hope
you experience your time with me to be fulfilling. I have
great passion in my job and believe that all my clients are
unique and very important to me.
I look forward to meeting with you and being with you on
your journey in therapy.

Sessions will be for one hour, days and times can be
discussed each week as I am flexible and days can be
changed from week to week if needed. Payments are made
at each session and this can be carried out, (as listed below,)

Payment also applies to zoom sessions.


Bank transfer or cash

48 HRS needs to be given or missed session will be charged,
if payment is not received then sessions will not be booked
for the following week. If a person cancels on me twice
without good reason, then I will have to take you off my

books and I will let you know of this, this also gives you time to evaluate whether you are ready for therapy. For therapy to work one has to be consistent and over time you will see the process really works.

The contents of our sessions are confidential but there are
limits. As a therapist I discuss my client work with a
supervisor, but your identity will be protected.
The only time confidentiality will be breached is if I was to
give evidence in a court of law.
I am an Accredited therapist registered with the BACP which you can look me up on the website.
I am required to follow the guidelines set out by the

I look forward to meeting with you.
Kind Regards
Kellie Giunta MBACP (Accred)

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